#81 Driven to Win with Kristen Graham

Kristen Graham is a CrossFit Regionals athlete, Super League athlete, and Strongman competitor.  In addition, she creates training programs and nutrition plans for individuals and owns a gym and a restaurant in New Jersey with her husband.  Kristen first ventured into fitness after the birth of her daughter, dropped the baby weight, and never looked back. Kristen is constantly pushing herself to try new things and to constantly grow in all things fitness.

Featuring: Kristen Graham


Lionheart Radio Host, Rick Alexander and Kristen Graham talk about how to balance life, fitness and passion.  Kristen has delved into many different training regimens and has been successful in them all.  Some of the standout moments of the episode include:

  • How to mentally prepare for an upcoming competition;
  • The differences between training for CrossFit and training for Strongman;
  • How to lose body weight while maintaining strength;
  • Transitioning between different training regimens;
  • Why women should not be afraid to be strong;
  • Making a living being an athlete;
  • How working out helps you in your daily life;
  • Losing weight after giving birth;
  • Being a role model for her daughter and keeping her active; and
  • What the Super League hype is all about!

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