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  • Increase your aerobic capacity starting today with these three techniques

    Often times, we romanticize tough workouts. We think that lifting super heavy, sprinting uphill or doing thrusters until we puke on our shoes is the best way to increase performance. Truth be told, that isn’t always necessary or best. In our never-ending quest for performance, intensity is simply a tool. But it’s not one that everybody has earned. Intensity and volume applied to a person without a decent aerobic base is, at best, a short-sighted approach to fitness and, at worst, a […]

  • 12 Winter Activities you've probably never heard of but Definitely Have to Try.

    Seasonal depression is simply a reality for many people during the winter months. Starting in late fall and early winter, the lack of daylight hours has detrimental effects on our body’s natural rhythms, which can cause all sorts of mood disorders and depressive states. Combine that with the fact that many of our hobbies are taken off of the table due to the cold (it’s difficult to load the stand-up paddleboards on the roof rack when it’s covered in snow and your hands are […]

  • The sobering truth about alcohol & fitness

    "Here's to alcohol: the cause of, and answer to, all of life's problems."- Matt Groening  With everything that you do, whether it is embark on a new fitness regimen or start a new diet, you should strive to understand that thing fully. To know the drawbacks and advantages of the behavior. That understanding is what will allow you to manipulate it and use it to your advantage while maximizing your potential. So, in the spirit of manipulation, I feel the need to raise you up a little bit […]

  • Strength training for endurance athletes; 3 tips.

    In general, runners, bikers, triathletes and most endurance athletes tend to treat the free weight section of the gym like it’s a gluten filled cake on a hipster's birthday. Complete avoidance with the occasional snarky comment about getting too big or building useless muscles. Fortunately, we are at a point in the evolution of sport where we know that endurance athletes avoiding strength training and lifters avoiding aerobic conditioning is to their detriment. We now have the studies to […]

  • An Essay for a Better Life

    For all of the careening at terminal velocity and the gut wrenching, inverted circles that might take place, Skydiving has, for the most part, proven to be safe. The law of percentages, not to mention a thorough pre-jump check list, allows even the perpetually grounded humans a feeling of flight while safely touching them back on the ground from where they began. Uncomfortably shaken up perhaps, on the edge of fear for sure, a bit worn out and uncomfortable from going fist-to-cuffs with […]

  • Kill Dogma: The approach that has changed everything.

    Every thing that you learn and every experience that you have in this life is going to impact you in one of two ways. The first is that it will create such an impression on you that it commands total buy in on your part. You see this a lot with religion. The principles or philosophies that you learn become concrete as they guide your approach. This is not unlike diet and nutrition philosophies like the paleolithic diet or the ketogenic diet. The overarching problem with dogma is that it tends […]

  • The Lesson Progenex Should Teach Us All

    With CrossFit Regionals and the Games right around the corner, you may notice one less familiar face around Vendor Village: Progenex.  In years past, Progenex was a staple at Regionals and the Games.  However, last year a class action lawsuit was filed against Progenex and subsequently, with no explanation, CrossFit HQ cut ties with the company.  The lawsuit, which was brought by an unknown number of individuals who purchased the product, claims Progenex made false product […]

  • Build muscle & trim fat with this health hack.

    For the Audio Version of todays Culture Report, Click Here. Most people are familiar with nutritional timing. This is when you strategically implement macros based on where you are in your day. I.E, utilizing protein directly after a workout. Most people know that in this 30-45 minute window, post workout, your body is more anabolic and going to use the fuel you give it more efficiently. Barbell Shrugged talk a lot about this in their “Window of Gains” Episode. Now, one of the most […]

  • Just eat the f*cking Snickers bar

    Marketing is a hell of a practice. The best marketers in the world make you feel things and want things that you didn’t know you wanted yourself… mostly because you didn’t. Companies pay billions of dollars every year to the people who can harness the science of persuasion and influence in order to plant seeds into your subconscious. They offer all kinds of shortcuts, miracle cures and promises and the best of the noise will find itself woven into pop culture. Bad science and […]

  • Creatine Via Food Sources v. Supplementation

    The truth is that the vast majority of people do not eat red meat or fish daily and even if they do, they likely aren't eating enough of it to meet their daily requirements.Mor […]