#90 Go all in with Hanah Jamroz

Hanah Jamroz, perhaps better known for her Instagram @therippedbarbie is an online fitness and nutrition coach.  Hanah has competed in numerous NPC Body Building shows and is a certified Fitness and Nutrition specialist. She is also an ISSA Personal Trainer Certified and L1 Certified.  Hanah is unique in the body building world as she uses CrossFit as her source of training. If you are interested in competing or simply living a healthier lifestyle, Hanah is your gal!



Lionheart Radio Host, Rick Alexander, sits down with Instagram personality, online training coach and nutritional coach Hanah Jamroz. Some of the highlights include:

  • Mixing bodybuilding and CrossFit;
  • Hanah’s training regimen;
  • Building an Instagram following;
  • Her philosophy for keeping macros 80/20;
  • Finding a balance between a social life and dieting;
  • Making fitness a profession; and
  • How to overcome adversity.

instagram @therippedbarbie
facebook /Hanah Jamorz