#89 Know fear with Tony Blauer

Tony Blauer is the founder of SPEAR System (an acronym for Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response.)  This system is a science based self-defense system. It focuses on how to Detect, De-fuse, and Defend against violent encounters. Students are trained to use the physiology of the startle-flinch response to deal with ambush attacks. The SPEAR system has been adopted by several military and law enforcement agencies across the world. Tony has manuals, DVDs and online training to teach you how master mental toughness, fear management, strategies and tactics for confrontation management.

Featuring: TONY BLAUER


Lionheart Radio Host, Rick Alexander, spends this hour with Tony Blauer. This episode is filled with great content for those of you who are tired of PC culture, want to find a way to let go of your fears, and desire to become a better version of yourself. This a fascinating episode and one you don’t want to miss. Highlights include:

  • Why it is important to go towards adversity instead of away from it;
  • Looking at the strategy of the obstacle, not just the obstacle itself;
  • The mental realm of self-defense;
  • Thinking without interference of thought;
  • Reading body language and how it can help relationships;
  • The science behind how physiology bypasses cognition;
  • Overcoming the fear-loop;
  • How self-defense is a tool to that helps you understand any scenario in life;
  • Being aware of your surroundings, your gut, and stop to assess the situation before moving forward; and
  • How he has meshed CrossFit and self-defense.

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