#87 Balance life and training with Chris Guerra

Chris Guerra, is an amateur Ultra-Marathon runner and close friend of host, Rick Alexander. While not being in the Ultra-Running scene for very long, Chris has immersed himself in discovering all of the techniques needed to be successful at one of these races while balancing a family and work life.



Lionheart Radio Host, Rick Alexander, sits down with Chris Guerra to discuss all things Ultra-Running.  Some of the highlights include:

  • How to go about running an Ultra-Marahon with no training preparation…although, not recommended;
  • Strategies on dealing with diet, injuries, and sleep deprivation during a race;
  • Best shoes for training and why;
  • Ways to maintain or increase muscle mass while training for an Ultra-Marathon;
  • Determining the type of runner you want to be;
  • Specific exercises that have a transferability into running;
  • Chris’ method behind the “chin tilt”;
  • Forming a mental checklist;
  • Building both your running pace and your walking pace; and
  • How Chris ate a doughnut a day during training and still lost 12lbs of fat.

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