#86 When Crossfit meets Bodybuilding take 2 with Bryan Boorstein

As some of your may recall, Bryan Boorstein is the owner of San Diego Athletics, a hybrid gym that offers programming for both CrossFit athletes as well as bodybuilding athletes. Bryan also is the founder of Active Traveler Network, which focuses on programming for people who lead busy lives and have difficulty getting to a gym. And most recently, Bryan has partnered with iN3Nutrition, which provides online macro-nutrient coaching.



Lionheart Radio Host, Rick Alexander, has Bryan Boorstein on again, but this time to discuss how to balance fitness and personal life, the discoveries he has made by changing up his routine, and what’s next for Bryan. Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • How he has balanced training time while being a new father;
  • The benefits of low-bar back-squats…yes even for CrossFitters;
  • Why recovery is best when in a parasympathetic state;
  • Importance of resting until recovered before attempting another max lift;
  • Why rest days should be for rest, not active recovery;
  • How over-training can prevent you from reaching your goals;
  • Transitioning from CrossFit to Bodybuilding and back;
  • What the difference is between feeling the muscle while lifting and lifting heavy; and
  • The importance of using progressions to track strength.

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