#82 Training For Strength And Endurance At The Same Time with George Briones

George Briones is the head coach for SOFlete HQ and the owner of GB3 Athletics.  George joined the Marines in 2007 and was a Reconnaissance Marine with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and was an Instructor at Basic Reconnaissance Course for 3 and half years.   George specializes in assisting athletes in their goals through online coaching and program design. Most recently, George completed his first 50-mile endurance race and shares his insights into the experience on this episode.

Featuring: George Briones


Host, Rick Alexander, and George Briones sit down to discuss how the endurance racing world and strength training world collide. George, having just ran his first endurance race, shares invaluable insight into how to benefit from both worlds.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Benefits of using a hybrid endurance and strength program to make the best use of your physical capacity;
  • How aerobic work can increase strength;
  • Reaching your optimal parasympathetic state;
  • How to train in running so you aren’t out of breath;
  • Building muscle endurance without hypertrophy work;
  • Benefits of tempo work;
  • Maintaining strength while dropping body weight;
  • Why the development of an aerobic base can help CrossFit athletes;
  • Recovering from a long run; and
  • The psychology behind the number “7”.

This is an extremely insightful episode for any athlete, so don’t miss out!


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