#80 Fit for Adventure with Doc and Tommy

Bill “Doc” and Tom “Tommy” Aher are the duo from AdventureFit Radio.  In addition to providing listeners with weekly inspiration and humorous banter, they are also partners in AdventureFit Travel. AdventureFit was created by Doc as a means to  integrate his two favorite things, fitness and travel.  Through AdventureFit, clients can embark on once in a lifetime travel experience, either through prepackaged trips or customized trips. AdventureFit does it all for you, including helping you keep up with physical activity.  These two individuals and the entire AdventureFit Team are dedicated to helping people live out their best lives!

Featuring: Doc and Tommy


Lionheart Radio Host, Rick Alexander, and Doc and Tommy sit down to discuss all things fitness, travel and life.  Beware crude jokes are par for the course with this trio! Highlights include:

  • The importance of doing things you are genuinely excited about;
  • Their perspective on “leveling up” with thought leaders and being selective about your circle of friends;
  • How they go about planning their client’s trips;
  • Suggestions on where to travel to experience happiness and fulfillment;
  • Why you should travel to places that make you uncomfortable;
  • Training and then testing how it can prepare you for real-life situations;
  • The constant learning process of self-awareness;
  • Their belief that our responsibility as humans is to remain humble and open minded; and even
  • The benefits of meditation and keeping a gratitude journal.

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