#79 The Foot Collective with Nick St. Louis

Nick St. Louis is the founder and owner of The Foot Collective. Nick and the entire Foot Collective Team are on a mission to help humans reclaim strong, functional and pain free feet through foot health education. Contrary to popular belief, most people’s feet do not work in the way nature intended and in fact, a lot of body pain can stem from foot dysfunction.  However, most foot problems are fixable and Nick is here to tell our listeners what they can do to improve their feet.

Featuring: Nick St. Louis


On this episode of Lionheart Radio, host, Rick Alexander, talks with Nick St. Louis on the neglected subject of feet-health.  Some of the highlights include:

  • How sitting has inhibited our natural ability and has created compensations;
  • Preventative care versus corrective care;
  • The reason why most feet are defective, even without foot pain;
  • What having an arch inside your foot means;
  • Nick’s opinions on orthotics and other aids;
  • Whether flat feet are genetic;
  • How shoes impact the way you run;
  • The best shoes to buy; and
  • Why you should implement sitting on the ground instead of on the couch.

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