#77 Lifestyle Advice with Esther Avant

Esther Avant is a nutrition coach, personal trainer and founder of Esther Avant Wellness Coaching.  Esther specializes in helping altruistic women make lifestyle changes to lose weight and live their healthiest, happiest, and most confident lives so that, in turn, they can be there for others who need their help, love, and compassion.  Esther strives to give her clients the tools they need to make realistic, long-term changes and to take back their health.

Featuring: Esther Avant


On this episode of Lionheart Radio, Host, Rick Alexander, and Esther Avant sit down to discuss all things nutrition, training and how to manage our emotions on the journey.  Some of the highlights of the episode include:

  • Why the biggest downfall in people’s health journey is their lack of nutritional understanding;
  • The importance of stress management and how it relates to weight loss and meeting your goals;
  • The benefit of experimenting with different lifestyle diets to figure out what works;
  • How taking care of yourself will improve all other aspects of life;
  • The power of habit and the disconnect between our rational and emotional sides of our brains;
  • Giving yourself a break when trying to change bad habits to good habits;
  • Evaluate what is important to you at the core and focus on that during your journey;
  • Understanding that fitness is less about how you look and more about being capable of physical preparedness; and
  • Relying on your intuition.

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