#70 Return to Primal Strength with Doctor Meghan Helwig

Meghan Helwig is a doctor of Physical Therapy, owner of Primal Strength Physical Therapy, ambassador for RockTape, former Division I field hockey player, triathlete, Ironman competitor and most recently, CrossFit Regional Athlete. Meghan is certified in ART (Full Body/Master’s), NKT (Level 2), TPI (Medical Provider Level 3) and TPI (Fitness Professional Level 2).  Meghan has a deep passion for helping people through a holistic approach of working to get our bodies back to their primal state where optimization occurs.

Featuring: Meghan Helwig


Host, Rick Alexander, and Meghan sit down for the second time to discuss Meghan’s constantly evolving outlook on helping the body, her new location, and specific ways to improve our bodies.  Some of the highlights include:

  • The benefits of RockTape and how to properly use the product;
  • The growing approach to holistic medicine and athletes;
  • Improving breathing patterns and the impact your breath has on the rest of your body;
  • Benefits of breathing solely through your nose;
  • Understanding that just because pain is in an area doesn’t mean that area is where the problem lies;
  • Being careful about getting body work done as too much may breakdown the compensations your body has built which may lead to injury;
  • Things that slow down your fitness and how you can improve those areas of your life; and
  • The impact technology has on our health, fitness, and businesses.

To book an appointment, you can email Megan here or visit her at Offshore CrossFit in Caralsbad, California.  Meghan takes on virtual clients, so even if you are not located in California, reach out!


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