#67 How to Prep for your First NPC Show with Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake is an NPC bikini and figure competitor in the National Physique Committee (“NPC”) competitions. In addition, Jenny is a nutrition coach, co-host of Lionheart Radio, and lover of all things fitness related. At this stage in her NPC career, Jenny has competed in two NPC competitions and has immersed herself in the NPC culture. Through such immersion, Jenny is acutely aware of what is needed to be successful in your first (or second) NPC competition.

Featuring: Jenny Blake


Hosts, Rick Alexander and Jenny Blake, sit down to give novices a glimpse into what it takes to be successful in your first NPC competition. Jenny gives a thorough breakdown of nutrition, posing, weight training, costs and reverse dieting after the competition. If you have ever wanted to enter into an NPC competition, this episode is for you. Some episode highlights include:

  • Chronological steps to begin prepping for the show (“prep”);
  • Importance of finding a good coach to help you determine which show to compete in and the body parts that need aesthetic improvement;
  • Using what you learn in training for bodybuilding in other training mediums;
  • What supplements to take during prep and when to stop taking them;
  • Benefits of getting calories through whole food versus supplements;
  • Flushing your body with water versus water manipulation;
  • Steroid use and diuretics;
  • The body awareness and exhaustion that comes along with posing;
  • Steady state cardio versus High Intensity Interval Training (“HIIT”);
  • What it is like the day of the competition; and
  • How to reverse diet to make the most of your off season or as we like to call it, Improvement Season!

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