#58 Racing Across America with Len Forkas

Len Forkas is a professional speaker, writer and founder of Milestone Communications, which owns and develops wireless towers in the Mid-Atlantic. Milestone has invested over $50 million in the development of wireless infrastructure in six states, creating thousands of jobs in construction, engineering and manufacturing in the USA. Len is the author of What Spins the Wheel: Life and Leadership Lessons from the Race for Hope. Len also founded Hopecam, a charity that uses technology to overcome the social isolation of children in treatment for cancer.  Profits from Len’s book are donated to support Hopecam. Hopecam has connected over 1,000 children with cancer to 10,000 classmates in 44 states. It has formed partnerships with over 50 hospitals.

Featuring: Len Forkas


Host Rick Alexander has an extremely successful entrepreneur and humanitarian joining this episode of LHR.  Len and Rick discuss:

  • Len’s participation in Ultramarathons and Race Across America – a 3,000-mile bike ride – and his motivation behind doing these races;
  • How  Hopecam helps children with cancer stay connected  with their friends at school and how he has been able to use his professional company to further support Hopecam;
  • Len’s philosophy and approach to training for endurance races, recovery, and sleep deprivation;
  • Overcoming your ego and knowing your limits;
  • The type of character traits Len looks for when hiring for his company and selecting volunteers for his charity ventures;
  • Working as a team to find ways to solve problems and letting go of each other’s failures to move towards the greater goal;
  • Using fear as a motivator;
  • Habits to balance work, personal life, health and community; and
  • Making your goals know so it forces you to follow through.

Hopecam is currently raising $1 million to donate to Race Across America, help Hopecam reach its goal by donating here.


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