#55 The Impact of an Athlete with Justin Wren

Justin Wren is first and foremost a selfless humanitarian. The rest of his resume is equally impressive. Justin is a professional mixed martial artist, currently competing in the heavyweight division of Bellator MMA. He formerly competed for the UFC, and was a cast member of SpikeTV’s The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights. Justin is also the author of Fight for the Forgotten. This is a powerful episode and will make you question what success means to you.

Featuring: Justin Wren


Host, Rick Alexander, sits down with MMA and Ultimate Fighter competitor Justin Wren to discuss his journey from athlete to humanitarian. Justin’s life has gone through extreme highs – being a top competitor in MMA – and extreme lows – drug addiction, alcoholism and depression. These experiences transformed Justin into a humanitarian and utterly awesome human. Some of our favorite takeaways from this episode include:

• Justin’s difficult childhood of being bullied, depressed and suicidal, to his rise in the MMA world;
• The detrimental impact of tying your identity/value to being an athlete;
• His discovery of charity work through an intense feeling that something was missing;
• “Fight for the Forgotten,” his charity which builds fresh water wells for the Pygmy people in the Republic of Congo;
• Current campaign to raise $25,000 in the month of July (donate here);
• How to educating and providing opportunities to others will empower them and make change more sustainable.

Justin is a man on a mission to change the world for those who were born without the means to do it themselves. Please consider making a donation to his charity, “Fight for Freedom.” If the charity raises $25,000 he has a generous investor who will match the donation. Let’s go Lionheart Radio listeners!


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