#54 When Bodybuilding Meets CrossFit with Bryan Boorstein

Bryan Boorstein is the owner of San Diego Athletics, a hybrid gym that offers programming for both CrossFit athletes as well as bodybuilding athletes. Bryan also is the founder of Active Traveler Network, which focuses on programming for people who lead busy lives and have difficulty getting to a gym. Bryan is determined to educate the fitness community on working-out smarter. He is continually researching new methodologies to help his clients reach their goals while maintaining a happy, balanced life.

Featuring: Bryan Boorstein


Lionheart Radio host, Rick Alexander, welcomes guest host Jenny Blake, and Bryan Boorstein to talk all things programming. Bryan is a pioneer in developing hybrid programming for CrossFit and Bodybuilding athletes. This episode offers a lot of great content for listeners who are wanting to change up their programming to fit their life-style. Some of the highlights include:

• What hybrid programming entails and why it is beneficial for most athletes, regardless of their primary training method;
• How functional movements can help bodybuilders create the perfect physique;
• What time under tension exactly is and how to use it to meet your fitness goals;
• Why strict work (pull-ups, handstand push-ups, etc.) translate well into CrossFit;
• Importance of focusing on muscle connections;
• The necessity of recovery, especially as we age. Bryan also provides his recovery techniques;
• Intermittent fasting; and
• Ensuring the priority in peoples’ lives, is their actual life and not training.

Bryan currently provides all of his Instagram followers a workout of the day, if you are interested in following his programming, checking him out @Bryan Boorstein or any of the links below.


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