#53 Do the F*cking Work with Matt Vincent

Matt Vincent is a Highland Games World Champion (a Scottish cultural event that dates back to the 11th century), author of Training LAB: Strength Training for the Highland Games: Max Strength and Power Development for Athletes, Throwing LAB: Technical Throwing Manual for the Highland Games, and Strength LAB: Explosive Strength and Maximum Power for Athletes, reoccurring author on Barbell Shrugged, founder of webseries Drifta Lifta and HVIII Brand Goods.

Featuring: Matt Vincent

Our host, Rick Alexander, and Matt sit down to chat about all things training, whether it be for track and field sports, Strongman competitions, Powerlifting, or the Highland Games, Rick and Matt cover it all. Some of our favorite takeaways from the episode include:

• What the Highland Games entail – Check it out, it is epic – and how to train for the competition;
• The difference in lifting for performance versus lifting for aesthetics;
• Concept of doing as little as possible to reach your goals in order to preserve energy and prevent injury;
• Whether athletes can overcome genetics through hard work;
• Evolution of CrossFit;
• Why participation trophy’s suck and how failure teaches you more than winning;
• Matt’s method on how we are not born winners or losers, we all have a choice, but we must play to our strengths;
• Mindset of setting small goals when coming back from an injury; and
• Why we all must STOP chasing PRs.

Make sure to follow Matt on his pages below and check out the Lionheart Radio Crew’s favorite mug of Matt’s. It will be sure to start your morning off right!


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