#51 Coaching Excellence with Dean Whellams

Dean Whellams is the owner of Team Elite Performance and has helped teams such as: University of Arizona baseball team, University of San Diego baseball team, University of Michigan baseball team, and Washington State University volleyball team transform their dynamic and gain a deeper understanding of the team concept through what he calls “people building”. Dean only works with one team per conference per sport to ensure that those teams he is working with can capitalize on their competitive edge.  This episode provides unique insight into building relationships in sports, businesses and private life, don’t miss it!

Featuring: Dean Whellams


The one and only Lionheart Radio Host, Rick Alexander sits down with Dean to pick his brain about what makes teams more efficient and how to motivate individuals to understand and perform their role without ego. Dean’s advice on this episode includes:

  • To be a congruent team, must give people the opportunity to be the very best version of themselves.  Once people are comfortable in their skin, they tend to be more successful;
  • How our fears (such as public speaking) are not the true “fear” the fear comes from the fear of embarrassment, rejection, etc.  We need to work on those vulnerabilities before working on the act of public speaking;
  • Dean’s approach to working with athletic teams to help develop the team culture, where the team wants to go and how they are going to get there;
  • How true leaders both set the example of hard work, but also are vocal in holding others accountable;
  • Tactics for giving feedback so it is feedback for improvement;
  • Transferring your mindset from instant gratification to delayed gratification;
  • Developing routines not only when you succeed but also developing routines when you fail;
  • How acknowledging your Achilles heel of coaching will make you a better athlete; and
  • Approaching each day with the mindset that there is something to be learned.

Dean develops programs for all types of sports’ teams and corporate cultures. If you are interested in his programs, follow his journey on the resources below.


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