#50 Finding Your Path Through Hardship with Ella Kociuba

Ella Kociuba is a former pro endurance athlete, 5 time Spartan Death Racer, author of All Things Ella, public speaker, entrepreneur, and adventurist. Ella is a powerful motivator, from overcoming a horrific horse accident at the age of 12 leaving her with a broken back, to working through her eating disorders, and finally to stepping away from the success to find her true happiness, Ella approaches everything with humility.

Featuring: Ella Kociuba


Host Rick Alexander and Ella Kociuba sit down for an incredibly powerful and motivating episode. Ella takes the listeners through her great success and well as her weakness moments and shares how she was able to overcome and the difficulties to become happy. The episode also includes:

• Breaking her back at the age of 12 and overcoming the injury at such a young age;
• Overcoming her eating disorders and how she had to dramatically change her life to beat these disorders;
• What it was like to compete in a Spartan Death Race – which is practically the Hunger Games;
• Her philosophy on mental toughness and how to let go of having control over situations;
• How her setbacks have forced her to more mindful and self-aware;
• Learning to love yourself and not allowing hate to be a motivator;
• The importance of recovery and how it can assist in training and mental capacity; and
• Letting go of her ego and finding her true self.


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