#49 The Adaptability of CrossFit Training with Peter Pisani

Peter (“Pete”) Pisani is a former Division I football athlete and the co-owner (and coach) of Stay Classy CrossFit in San Diego. Pete is a competitive CrossFit athlete, making it to the California Regionals in 2016. He has also been featured as a fitness model in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, GQ, as well as a number of other international, national and regional campaigns.

Featuring: Peter Pisani


Host, Rick Alexander, and Pete – who is a longtime friend of everyone at Lionheart Radio – sit down to discuss all things programming. Whether you are new to training, a seasoned Cross-Athlete, an endurance athlete, or even a traditional sports athlete, this episode has something for you. Pete enlightens all of us on the intricacies of training for your goal. The episode also includes:

• Pete’s and Rick’s upcoming face-off: If Rick can qualify for the Granite Games, Pete will run a 50-mile Ultra Marathon (having ran no more than 4 miles at one time);
• Why mental toughness can make or break one’s success during Ultra Marathons or Ironman races;
• Pete’s philosophy when it comes to protecting his athletes and clients from their own egos;
• How CrossFit can help former athletes continue to use their athleticism;
• Using trial and error to determine what diet and training works for your body type;
• The behind-the-scenes world of Body Building and NPC;
• The intricacies of training traditional sport athletes and how their training must support lateral movement and explosiveness;
• Why it is important to always question your coaching, training or programming; and
• How to train more efficiently to still produce results but cut down on time in the gym.

If you are interested in Pete’s programming, slide into his DM on Instagram or send a message to Stay Classy CrossFit.


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