#48 Constantly Evolving with Erin Cafaro MacKenzie

Erin Cafaro MacKenzie is an American rower and overall badass. She competed at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, where she won a gold medal in the Women’s Eight. Erin then went to the 2012 London Olympics where she won her second consecutive gold medal in the Women’s Eight. Since retiring, Erin co-founded Power Speed Endurance, with her husband Brian MacKenzie. Erin coaches and consult rowers paddlers and numerous other types of athletes in their sport in movement, strength and conditioning, mindset and nutrition to help them realize their athletic potential.

Featuring: Erin Cafaro MacKenzie


Lionheart Radio host, Rick Alexander, and Erin sit down to discuss her quest to the Olympics and how CrossFit training increased her strength and assisted in her rowing success. Erin also discusses transitioning from and athlete into a coach and provides us insight into:

• How being smarter about using your body weight will translate into success in your sport or training;
• The detrimental impact of improper recovery;
• The difficult balance between diet and lifestyle;
• Being content with where you are at in life versus always chasing another dream;
• Transitioning from a full-time athlete into a regular adult and the difficulties that come along with the transition;
• The new Power Speed Endurance Pro program;
• Preparation for sport through breathing; and
• How using your support system will get you further than going at it alone.


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