#42 The Truth About Looking Good and Working Hard with Nicola Denise

Nicola Denise is a Certified Fitness & Nutrition Consultant and owner of Body and Life by Nicola. Nicola has competed and placed in multiple NPC figure competitions and is currently trying her hand at power lifting. Nicola has a thriving company developing individualized nutrition plans for clients across the world and takes great pride in teaching clients how to reach their goals through hard work and healthy eating.

Featuring: Nicola Denise


LionHeart Radio host, Rick Alexander, sits down with Nicola to talk all things fitness. Tune into this episode to hear Nicola’s refreshingly blunt outlook on cookie cutter meal plans and the truth about Instagram “models.” Nicola shares with listeners her approach to weight loss and training, including:

• Metabolic adaptation and how it can deter weight loss;
• Reverse dieting and the long-term benefits it provides;
• The process of intermittent fasting;
• Her outlook on the supplement industry;
• Photoshop, butt implants and steroids; and
• The most effective training for weight loss.

To get more information on Nicola’s nutrition and training coaching, shoot her an email at bodynlifebynicola@gmail.com and follow her on Instagram for nutrition and training tips.


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