#41 Building a Stronger Mind and Body with DJ Murakami

DJ Murakami, has a passion for movement. As a CPT, FRC® Mobility Specialist, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Level 1 Agatsu Upper Body Mobility and Movement, Certified Level 1 Agatsu Lower Body Mobility and Movement, AN Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Certified, Certified Stick Mobility Coach DJ is constantly developing new ways for the body to move more efficiently. DJ’s mission is to empower people to realize their strength and potential through movement and awareness of their bodies.

Featuring: DJ Murakami


LionHeart Radio hosts, Memo Ochoa and Claudia Chaloner, sit down with DJ to discuss the evolution of movement and strength. DJ explains his philosophy that improving ones functional mobility will also increase ones strength. He also provides listeners some easy tips on increasing mobility and strength such as:

• A person’s strength includes their mobility, body weight control, and balance.
• Increasing an athlete’s movement potential is the key to unlocking performance and preventing injury;
• How and why incorporate sandbags into your training regimen;
• Why children are in many ways stronger than adults;
• The benefits of Functional Range Conditioning;
• Passive range of motion versus active range of motion; and
• Why he sleeps on the floor nightly, takes cold showers daily, and drinks warm water in the summer.

DJ’s services include online personal training, in person one on one training, and small group training.


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