#39 Breaking Down the Paleo Movement with Tony Kasandrinos

Tony Kasandrinos co-owns Kasandrinos International the fastest growing olive oil company in the U.S.
Together with his sister Effi, they import the same Greek organic extra virgin olive oil they grew up on from their fathers village in Greece. This company is committed to health, fitness and truly great food. In addition to owning an international company, Tony is an active duty U.S. Marine with 18 years of service.

Featuring: Tony Kasandrinos


Tony sits down with host Rick Alexander to share the story of Kasandrinos International which began at CrossFit Center City where he had a case of his family’s Greek organic extra virgin olive oil in the trunk of his car and decided to share it with a few people. As word spread, the business grew to become the fastest growing olive oil company in the U.S. Tony shares his insight in to the growth of the paleo movement and tips for living a paleo and/or ketogenic diet and many other tips, including:

• How to enter the Kasandrinos 7-day Greece vacation get away;
• Choosing a quality olive oil and how his is better than the competitors;
• His favorite ways to consume olive oil…even on ice cream;
• The reasons why you won’t find Kasandrinos Olive Oil in stores (it will change the way you grocery shop);
• Differences between the Westernized diet and the Mediterranean Diet;
• Unique ways to get additional fat into your diet;
• The new products that Kasandrinos is releasing; and
• The evolution of Paleo FX.


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