#37 Train like an Olympian with Sara Hendershot

Sara Hendershot is a 2012 Summer Olympian, placing 4th in London in the Women’s Pair (rowing). Sara began rowing full-time in college at Princeton University and was named a Division I First-Team All-American her junior and senior years of college. Sara won the gold medal in the women’s eight at the 2010 World Rowing U23 Championships. She also won gold in the four at the 2011 World Rowing Championships. Sara has now utilizing her experience to help improve the performance of rowers and CrossFit athletes.

Featuring: Sarah Hendershot


Rick sits down with Sara to discuss her journey to the 2012 London Olympics, the trials and tribulations that ensued to accomplish her dream, and how she is now using her experience to help others. Some of the highlights of this episode include:

• Turing down a promising career on Wall Street to pursue her Olympic dream;
• Her intense training schedule leading up to the London Olympics and the Rio Qualifiers;
• How her training changed between Olympic runs and which method proved most valuable;
• Her ability to compete with women that were faster and stronger by simply adopting an “I will be tougher” mindset;
• Increasing one’s ability to stay competitive by developing proper technique in your sport;
• Specific tips on how CrossFit athletes can improve their rowing techniques through stroke-rate work and proper set up; and
• What the Olympic Village is really like.

Sara currently is running her own company, Rowfficient, which offers individualized coaching to rowers and CrossFitters to improve their rowing technique as well as seminars for gyms.


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