#36 Running 100 Miles in Under 12 Hours with Zach Bitter

Zach has been training for, and racing, ultras since 2010, having completed over 40 ultras ranging from road to track and trail to mountain. He has competed at three World 100k Championship Races, won three National Championships, and holds World and American Records. As a coach, he has trained a diverse set of athletes from around the world and he’s especially known as a leading proponent of the Optimized Fat Metabolization (OFM) diet, about which he offers consultations in addition to coaching.

Featuring: Zach Bitter

Zach and host Rick Alexander nerd out on this episode on their mutual passion for running Ultra Marathons. Zach shares his experience in how one not only physically prepares for these races but also the mental challenge that comes along with running 100 miles. Zach provides valuable insight to the beginner and experienced runner on how to improve performance, such as:

• The reasons why a low carbohydrate high fat adapted diet is beneficial for endurance runners;
• His philosophy that nutrition needs to follow the training program day-to-day;
• The importance of self-experimentation when it comes to nutrition and understanding one size does not fit all;
• His no-carbohydrate recovery theory to minimize inflammation for long runs;
• Tactics for separating your mind from the environment and getting to an almost meditative-state while running;
• How to program your training depending on whether the run is mountainous or flat; and
• What’s in-store for Zach for the rest of 2017!

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