#34 Biking solo around the world with Fredrika Ek

On March 8, 2015, Fredrika Ek embarked on a once in a lifetime journey around the world – by bike. Fredrika began The Bike Ramble tour in her native country of Sweden, with a bike, a tent, reliable clothing and a camera. The goal was to complete her world tour in 1,000 days, all the while raising money in order to make the world a better place and she has only 217 days remaining.

Featuring: Fredrika Ek


Fredrika sits down with host, Rick Alexander, to share her amazing story of strength, mental toughness, curiosity, and humility. Fredrika explains what inspired her to begin this endeavor and what continues to push her to complete it. Some of the highlights of this astonishing episode include:

• The unique perspective one gains by traveling by bike;
• Her awe of the genuine kindness she has received in every country she has traveled through;
• The daily challenges she faces with weather, traffic and navigation;
• Learning the ins and outs of the various customs and traditions in each country;
• Getting comfortable in the journey instead of the end goal;
• Setting short, manageable goals to avoid the feeling of despair;
• Her passion for fighting for women’s basic human rights throughout the world by partnering with ActionAid; and
• Her next adventure that is set to commence in May of 2018.

To follow and support Fredrika’s journey, check out her blog posts at The Bike Ramble and to learn more or donate to assist in the fight for women’s human rights around the world, go to ActionAid.


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