#33 Building a lifestyle around fitness and nutrition with Kayla Banfield

Kayla Banfield is the co-owner of CrossFit Mode in Adelaide Australia, an emcee for CrossFit HQ as well as the founder of ‘The Method’, an online nutritional programming service. During this episode, Rick and Kayla chat about the many different ways the fitness industry has grown and opened up doors for different entrepreneurs. Kayla also gives us first hand insight about it’s like to live with CrossFit Games athlete James Newbury and the different strategies he implements to get competition ready.

Featuring: Kayla Banfield

As a nutritional professional, Kayla shares with Rick her approach to working with individuals to accomplish their nutritional goals. Some of the highlights of the episode include:

• The importance of putting as much effort into nutrition as one does training;
• The science behind macro-tracking and the necessity to change macros as your body plateaus;
• The benefits of eating foods that maximize performance and recovery;
• Managing social outings while trying to remain on a nutritional plan;
• Paying attention to your body and figuring out which foods make you feel good and which foods make you feel bad;
• The pros and cons of Paleo and Gluten-free lifestyles;
• Eating for aesthetics versus eating for performance;
• What supplements Kayla recommends; and
• The benefits of “Floating”.

To learn more about Kayla and her programming, check out the resources below.


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