#32 The Secret to Success with James Lawrence

James Lawrence, aka The Iron Cowboy, is a multiple world record holder. At the outset of this career, James broke the Guinness World Book Record for most Ironman distance triathlons in one year (30 in 11 different countries). Not satisfied with that incredible feat, James went on to break another world record by completing 50 full Ironmans, in 50 consecutive days, in 50 different states. For reference this is 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile marathon run for 50 straight days.

Featuring: James Lawrence


On this episode, James shares his incredible story with Lionheart Radio host, Rick Alexander. James and Rick discuss how James became interested in Ironman’s, his unique self-created Ironman challenges, and the wonderful cause he supports through his participation in Ironmans. In addition the guys go in depth about various physical and mental strengthening topics, such as:

• Whether mental toughness is genetics or fostered;
• The role parents and society play in the “entitled generation”;
• Getting comfortable in the process, celebrating small successes and not focusing too much on the end goal;
• Engaging in an activity that is so hard, it makes other things easier;
• The Jamie Oliver Foundation and the childhood obesity epidemic;
• The Iron Cowboy’s individual programming; and
• James’ recent experience in biking Mount Kilimanjaro

To learn more about James’ epic career, check out his book Iron Cowboy and his programming at Team Iron Cowboy. To donate and learn more about childhood obesity, go to The Jamie Oliver Foundation.


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