#30 Breaking through barriers and living life on your terms with Nicole Zapoli

Nicole Zapoli

Nicole Zapoli is the founder of NZX Fitness and the co-founder of Powered by True Grit. She is a former NFL and NBA cheerleader as well as a former CrossFit gymnastics seminar staff team member. Having been involved in fitness for the majority of her life, Rick and Claudia sit down with Nicole to talk about the mental struggles of the fitness industry.


Throughout the episode, Nicole gives tips and insight into how to become a better athlete, both mentally and physically. And later, the conversation progresses into deeper topics and about what it means to stand up and live life on your own terms and the inner battle that ensues. Other topics include:

• How health and fitness does not equate to wellness;
• Societal pressures of needing to look a certain way;
• How true health and fitness is more than physical aesthetics;
• Tips to assist in gymnastic movement progressions;
• How a healthy and sustainable relationship with food is necessary for the success of any diet;
• The evolution of how society views strong women;
• Using mind, body and spirit as a way to approach your fitness journey; and
• Surrounding yourself with people who hold you accountable.

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