#29 Restoring Functional Movement and Abolishing Pain with Primal Strength Doc

Dr. Meghan Helwig, PT, DPT

Meghan Helwig is a doctor of Physical Therapy, owner of Primal Strength Physical Therapy, former Division I field hockey player, and triathlete and Ironman competitor. Sheis certified in Active Release Technique, Neurokinetic Therapy, and in TPI specifically for golf professionals. Being a competitive athlete Meghan understands the demands of training and the fitness lifestyle.


In this episode the Lionheart Radio crew sits down with Meghan Helwig about restoring functional movement and abolishing pain. Meghan shares her expertise in a number of areas including:

• Recognizing pain and determining where the pain originates;
• Functional Movement Screening and understanding that pain rarely stems from where you actually feel the pain;
• Learning that overcompensating typically creates additional pain or problems in other areas;
• How emotional trauma can impact the body;
• Correcting scars to alleviate pain;
• Neurokinetic Therapy testing and how it can determine whether muscles are firing;
• The benefits appropriate breathing can bring to your training, recovery, and injury; and
• Best ways to train for triathlons, Ironman’s, and endurance competitions.

To schedule an assessment with Meghan or to learn more about her practice, go to Primal Strength or email her at meghan.helwig@gmail.com.


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