#27 Are you actually healthy or just trained? Dr. Andy Galpin explains the difference

Dr. Andy Galpin is a PHD professor at Cal. State Fullerton and the co-host of the Body Of Knowledge Podcast. Dr. Galpin’s mission is to provide the world with free & accessible high-quality, accurate, and entertaining information that will inspire and improve the human condition by enhancing the understanding of human performance, nutrition, health, and well-being.


Our host, Rick Alexander, talks with Dr. Galpin about his research, experience, and overall vast knowledge on the what health really encompasses and how far off the majority is from actually being “healthy.” Dr. Galpin provides insight into how we all can start leading healthier lives by sharing his knowledge on:

  • The pros and cons of using a mirror while training;
  • That data does not translate into knowledge;
  • That societies expectation of health needs to be modified.  Working out an hour a day and sitting the other 23 hours does not translate into being healthy;
  • The difference between “training” and “health”, they are not synonymous;
  • That overall health includes components of strength, movement and sustained energy.  Just because you excel at one of these practices it does not make you healthy.  We need to create a balance;
  • That having a baseline aerobic capacity will make you a better lifter.  Similarly, strength training will make you a better endurance athlete;
  • The CrossFit brand versus CrossFit Training; and
  • Getting your body to the point of being metabolically flexible.

To hear more from the genius that is Dr. Andy Galpin, check out his new  book Unplugged, his podcast miniseries The Body of Knowledge, his website andygalpin.com, and his instagram accounts @bodyofknowledge and @drandygalpin.