#26 Grow as an athlete and a human with Mike Bledsoe

In this episode of Lionheart Radio, we caught up with podcast extraordinaire Mike Bledsoe who hosts Barbell Shrugged Podcast, Barbell Business Podcast, and The Bledsoe Show Podcast. Rick and Claudia sit down with Mike in his home in Encinitas to talk about what it means to grow and evolve as a human, what it means to be truly healthy and what the future of health and fitness might look like.


Mike explains that major players “do not accept what is acceptable by the majority.” Major players are not inhibited by the fear of change, failure, or embarrassment. Instead, major players operate out of purpose. Mike also sheds light on numerous other topics, including:

• Pressure of changing careers and going against the norms;
• Valuing yourself and getting what you deserve;
• The need to be adaptable and creative in order to not get left behind with changing technology;
• The necessity for us to begin integrating our mind and body to enhance self love and the human experience; and
• Creation of Start.Stop.Continue lists.

Tune into Mike’s podcasts at Barbell Shrugged, Barbell Business and The Bledsoe Show.

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